Greek eyewitness in Vienna describes moment of horror as terrorism hits the city

Vienna arrest

Shock has been caused all over the world by yesterday’s terrorist attack in Vienna in which 4 people lost their lives, including one perpetrator.

Dimitris Ganiaris, a Greek living in Vienna, speaking on the show “Good Morning Greece” on ANT1 described the dramatic scenes that unfolded in the city last night.

Greek PM sends message of solidarity to Vienna
Vienna during the terrorist attacks.

“There was chaos. We heard gunshots and saw people running in panic,” said Ganiaris, obviously shocked. “And just when I think about it, I get upset.”

With the shops closed, everyone was desperately trying to find refuge to escape the bullets of terrorists in Vienna.

“A restaurant was found, which allowed me and my girlfriend, and another 10-15 people inside,” Ganiaris told ANT1, adding that he could have been among the victims as he was only a few meters away from the terrorist attack.

As the Minister of Interior of Austria, Karl Nehammer, said earlier today, the perpetrator who was killed was an “Islamist terrorist”.

At least 15 people have been injured in the multiple attacks.

Vienna police.
Vienna police.

The Austrian Foreign Ministry confirmed that it was a terrorist attack and one witnesses said they heard “at least 50 shots” fired, as reported by Greek City Times.