Cypriot MEP: EU must stop the new genocide against our Armenian brothers in Artsakh

Lefteris Christoforou

A Cypriot Member of the European Parliament called on the European Union to stop "the criminal actions of the Azeris and Turks."

MEP Lefteris Christoforou of the European People's Party made the comment on Twitter.

Cypriot MEP Lefteris Christoforou.
Cypriot MEP Lefteris Christoforou.

"The criminal actions of the Azeris and Turks against our Armenian Brothers in [Artsakh] continue unabated. The EU has a Historical Responsibility and I call on the EU to stop now, the new Genocide against the Armenian people in Artsakh," the MEP said on Twitter.

The Cypriot MEP is known for constantly tweeting "Armenian Brothers" and is an avid critic of the Turkish-sponsored invasion attempt of Artsakh by the Azerbaijani military and Syrian mercenaries which began on September 27.

Christoforou is not the only Cypriot MEP that avidly backs Armenia. He is also joined by Loucas Fourlas and others.

Since the invasion attempt of Artsakh began, there have been numerous Azerbaijani atrocities against the Armenians such as the beheading and mutilation of soldiers, the killing of a disabled man and his mother, and the slaughter of a 73 year old man.

The Greek minority in Armenia and Artsakh are also fighting against the Turkish-sponsored invasion attempt.

"The Greeks of Armenia are citizens despite many having a second citizenship – Greek. We were born, raised, educated here, our native language is Armenian, no matter how strange it sounds. Our men serve in the Armed Forces of Armenia, like all citizens of the country," the President of the Greek Community in Armenia, Maria Lazareva, said.

Cypriot Maria Lazareva greek greeks greece armenia armenians armenian
Maria Lazareva.

"From time immemorial, the Greeks lived side by side with the Armenians, sharing their fate and pain with them. This means that at present not only the homeland of the Armenians is in trouble, but also the homeland of the Greeks in Armenia and Artsakh," she continued.

"We, like the entire Armenian people, want and demand peace, we want to live peacefully in our homeland, in our homes. But now it is simply impossible because if our soldiers lay down their arms, it will be another genocide.," she said.

"For us, this war is not over some piece of land, it is a holy war for survival, as we call it in Armenian “goyapaykar” – a struggle for survival," the community leader added.