Greek Minister of State: We will reach 12 nautical miles everywhere

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The right to extend Greece's national sovereignty to 12 nautical miles will be exercised throughout the country when the time is politically correct, according to Minister of State, George Gerapetritis.

He made the comments during today's appearance on the Morning Review show of Hellenic Parliament TV.

Currently, Greece has only enacted 6 nautical mile extension to their maritime territory, with the exception in the Ionian Sea, but an extension to 12, as permitted by international maritime law, will significant change Greece's territorial waters in the Aegean.

syriza 6 12 nm nautical miles aegean greece turkey"The country will do it. We will reach 12 nautical miles in time," Gerapetritis said.

He added that the expansion will take place during a "political correct time which will be deemed appropriate."

Minister of State Minister of State George Gerapetritis. miles mile
Minister of State George Gerapetritis.

"I will never beautify situations or seek opportunistic political benefits," the Minister said.

"I have described what is true today and today our sovereignty is six nautical miles at sea and ten nautical miles in the air," Gerapetritis continued.

"Within this sovereignty, Greece will not accept any violation," he concluded.

However, Turkey continues to violate Greece's airspace on a daily basis.

Turkey has announced that if Greece enacts 12 nautical mile maritime extension as it is permitted to do by international law, it would be a "cause for war."

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