Large horned owl rescued in Achelous

Large owl rescued in Achelous

Large owl rescued in Achelous

An injured horned owl was rescued in the area of ​​Achelous on Saturday.

The Achelous, also Acheloos, is a river in western Greece. It is 220 km long.

The large bird, possibly one of the largest owls in the world, received first aid from a resident in ​​Kalivia (Agrinio), before being transported to a shelter by animal rescuer Nikos Peterekas.

Large owl rescued in Acheloos

Ο μπούφος από το Αγρίνιο φαίνεται σαν να είχε κρεμαστεί από το ένα πόδι , ίσως σε κάποιο πλέγμα.. Δεν έχει κατάγματα και ελπίζουμε να συνέλθει σύντομα.

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“Our friend was found near Achelous by the children who were interested and picked him up and took care of him… He has a serious problem with his tarsus and it is probably a dislocation… He flies well, he has no other injury but his foot,” Peterekas posted on Facebook.

The rescuer also thanked all those involved in spotting the large bird and providing aid to transfer it to a safe animal location.

“The largest owl in the world”, he said, adding “with a wingspan of 1.70 definitely makes you respect it … All these years 4-5 owls have come into my hands. Each time it is like the first time with such a creature.”

Σημερινή κλήση από George Padazopoulos και το εκτιμώ πολύ για έναν ενήλικο Μπούφο (Bubo bubo) που βρέθηκε από ανθρώπους…

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