Greek American Nicole Malliotakis declares victory in New York’s 11th Congressional District

Greek American Nicole Malliotakis declares victory in New York's 11th District Congressional Race

Republican candidate and proud Greek American Nicole Malliotakis claimed victory in the race for New York’s 11th congressional district.

Maliotakis is leading 58% over Democratic candidate Max Rose (41%), according to the Board of Elections’ unofficial election night results.

She declared victory in a speech to supporters on Tuesday evening.

“I entered this race with eyes wide open knowing that victory wouldn’t come easy. But, from the start I knew this race was never about me,” Malliotakis said, adding “this race was always about you, the hardworking New Yorker who obeys the law, pays their taxes and gets up every morning and goes to work.”

The Greek American also thanked Trump for his support.

The heated race for the 11th congressional district was among the most-watched in the country.

Max Rose said he would not concede in the race for Congress until every absentee vote is counted

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Posted by Nicole Malliotakis on Tuesday, November 3, 2020

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