Armenian flag raised in Northern Greek municipalities (VIDEO)

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The raising of the Armenian flag took place on Friday morning in front of the city hall of Alexandroupolis and in the presence of a large part of the Armenian Community of the northern Greek city, Mayor Ioannis Zampoukis, as well as the President of the Municipal Council, Dimitris Kolios, Evros24 reported.

The Municipal Council of Alexandroupolis during its meeting last Thursday proceeded to issue a resolution in support and solidarity with the Armenian people, and it was decided to raise the Armenian flag next to the Greek one.

This will take place in the first week of each month for as long as the Turkish-sponsored invasion of Artsakh by the Azerbaijani and Syrian mercenaries continues.

"We have many friends, many liaisons who live and work in the Municipality and our city… it is the least we can do, both to the tested people of Armenia and to their brothers who live in our city," Zamboukis said.

Mayor Ioannis Zampoukis
Mayor Ioannis Zampoukis.

"Unanimously, the joy and pride of all the Armenians of Alexandroupolis. Many Municipalities proceeded to a resolution of support to the Armenian Nation, few Municipalities raised the Armenian flag next to the Greek symbol of Greece " noted in her turn Ms. Saharakontou the mayor and the president of the Municipal Council.

Meanwhile, the mayor of the northern Greek city of Serres in Macedonia also raised the Armenian flag.

Armenian flag Serres Alexandros Chrysafis
Mayor Alexandros Chrysafis raising the Armenian flag.

Mayor Alexandros Chrysafis raised the Armenian flag alongside the Greek one following a decision of the Serres City Council to support the people of Armenia in defending their indigenous land.

Armenian flag Serres
Armenian flag next to the Greek one in Serres.

It should also be noted that Thessaloniki did not hesitate to offer a helping hand to Armenians, with dozens of boxes of medical-pharmaceutical materials gathered and delivered to the Armenian community of Thessaloniki to be shipped to Armenia.