A Greek hospital was awarded for a study on COVID-19

Papanikolaou Hospital Greek

The Hematology Clinic of Papanikolaou Hospital in Thessaloniki received a Platinum Award for a study concerning patients with COVID-19 at the annual Healthcare Business Awards 2020.

The study is called in English “Prospective study of the genetic predisposition for complement activation and inflammation in patients with severe COVID-19 infection” and according to the APE-MPE, it is carried out in collaboration with Papanikolaou clinics and other hospitals.

The principal researcher at the Hematology Clinic of Papanikolaou is Eleni Gavriilaki.

 Papanikolaou Hospital Greek
Papanikolaou Hospital

The study aims to reduce the infection caused by SARS-CoV-2 by activating a mechanism by which inflammation is caused, ie the infection caused by the virus.

“With these studies, it can be determined whether a patient has a predisposition to the supplement which makes the viral infection much more severe than the infection that another patient will develop,” she said.

“Therefore, our goal is to first see if someone is predisposed to a very serious infection and secondly to see if this can help us give these predisposed patients some targeted treatment,” the doctor explained.

“There is a targeted treatment with the administration of a supplement inhibitor, which is very effective,” Gavriilaki added.

Papanikolaou Hospital received a gold award for technology and innovation, while a silver award was won by the Hematology Cell Transplant Unit of the Hematology Clinic (with the 2010 transplants) for its activity and achievements.

“The awards and praises are not an end in themselves, but they illuminate the work developed by many people in a public hospital in difficult times for patient care, innovative treatments and research,” noted the director of the Papanikolaou Hematology Clinic, Achilles Anagnostopoulos.