COVID-19 is a global conspiracy but nobody can explain how

COVID-19 coronavirus conspiracy

Say what you want about 2020 but you have to admit that this year will go down in history as the year when not just the US and its Western satellites, but the whole world including countries like Russia, China, Iran and Syria, all agreed to conspire against their people and destroy their collective economies with a "fake COVID-19 pandemic".

COVID-19 coronavirus conspiracyThe reason? No one really has a satisfactory answer for that.

Doctors nurses and other medical staff on the front line are all in on the conspiracy. Some have even volunteered to die for the "cause"!


Unlike so many on social media, I am no "expert".

In the small country of Cyprus where I live, I see the effects of COVID-19.

I knew one person who died from it and at least of one other who suffered the effects of it.

COVID-19 measures in Cyprus.
COVID-19 measures in Cyprus.

Throw all the numbers and stats you want at me, compare COVID-19 to the common flu if you wish, cite all the medical experts that disagree with the official measures, but... please, please explain how all the governments of the world have come to agree on a common course of action and for what reason.

I know saying this will cost me "friends", but that is no reason to avoid expressing my concerns; it never has been and never will be.

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