Watching Azerbaijan's performance in Artsakh is like observing Middle Ages warfare

Armenian soldier Artsakh.

Plenty of casualties on both sides in Artsakh, including civilians and no notable progress.

After six weeks of hostilities, neither side can claim victory. Only inflated claims of inflicting casualties on each other without any decisive gains.

For their part, the Armenians are defending ground they hold, so in effect by keeping the attackers away, they are "winning".

Armenian soldiers defending Artsakh.
Armenian soldiers defending Artsakh.

The Azerbaijanis aided by Turkey and a disputed number of paid "jihadists" from Syria and elsewhere are launching wave after wave against the defenders as if this is a war from the Middle Ages when superiority in numbers made the difference.

Turkey is perhaps more committed to this conflict for its own goals, without risking any (at least not many) of its own troops.

The Turkish military seems to have put all its eggs in one basket; that of the much touted German design and technology "Turkish drones", which appeared to have had a measure of success in Syria and Libya.

That was until their opponents worked out an effective defense against them.

Turkish drone destroyed in Artsakh.
A "Turkish-produced" drone destroyed in Artsakh.

The way this war is progressing so far, I see no end in sight any time soon. No ground changing hands. Just more deaths and misery and more profits for the arms suppliers.