Didymoteicho Municipality condemns Turkish aggression against “brotherly Armenian people”

A Municipality on the Greek-Turkish border in Evros passed a resolution in support of the Armenian people and condemned the Azeri-Turkish aggression against Artsakh.

The small municipality of only about 20,000 people passed the resolution on Tuesday.

Didymoteicho Municipality resolution on Artsakh. Turkish
The Didymoteicho Municipality resolution on Artsakh.

The resolution states:

“The Municipality of Didymoteicho, during a meeting of October 26, took into account the role of the Armenian community in the Municipality, issued a unanimous resolution, denouncing the military invasion of Artsakh and declared its solidarity with the brotherly Armenian people who are being tested.”

The Armenian people, who played an important role and are an important part of the Municipality of Didymoteicho, are brutally affected by the Azeri-Turkish attack and this resolution by the Municipality condemns the latest act of violence, while denouncing the parties involved.”

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