Kontaiika Village in Samos Needs Your Help



Kontaiika Village has been deemed the most damaged area in Samos!!!


On the morning of October 30th an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale, rocked the eastern Mediterranean.


The earthquake has had a devastating effect on the beautiful island of Samos.


The island was badly affected and the earthquake has left a lot of damages, even killing two people.


The village of Kontaiika sustained extensive damage and has been deemed the most damaged area in Samos.


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Most of the older public structures were reduced to rubble and many inhabited homes and buildings have also been destroyed, while numerous others have been deemed danger zones until damages can be assessed and repaired.


Residents are sleeping on tents outside (despite the dropping temperatures) and in their cars until they can safely enter their homes again.


The church, a beacon of faith for the community for over 120 years, now has a gaping hole in its exterior and extensive interior damages.


Aftershocks have been ongoing and scientists say that bigger ones might be following in the upcoming days.




Elpida Maragoudakis of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has set up a Go Fund Me page to try and support Kontaiika, the village her family has called home for over five generations.


She is hoping this fundraiser will support the residents of the village and help out with the damages. As she stated “our only desire is to see our village in all its glory and, even more importantly, its residents living in safety once again”.


Elpida has spoken to the president of Kontaiika village and she is planning to send the money directly to him to be allocated. The sum will initially be used to buy food supplies and other necessities for the villagers who are now without homes, and will then go towards restoration of the church, houses and roads.


Here is a video that shows the extent of damages to the village:


Once you view the video, you will see how desperately Kontaiika village needs OUR help!!


Below is the link to the Go Fund Me fundraiser page.




Any donation big or small will make a huge difference, so please donate if you can!!


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