Man in Patras decorates motorcycle with Christmas decorations

Man in Patras decorates motorcycle with Christmas decorations

Man in Patras decorates motorcycle with Christmas decorations

A man in Patras decorated his motorbike with Christmas decorations to spread a little hope and cheer amid the lockdown.

The delivery man accessorised his transportation vehicle with Christmas trees, a snowman, presents, and teddy bears.

The idea is that his Christmas motorcycle will lift spirits during these dark times. And it doubles as a lockdown social distancing activity: people can admire it from the safety of their own homes.

Man in Patras decorates motorcycle with Christmas decorations

SMS 13033 for movement during lockdown

All individuals residing in Greece will be required to send an SMS text message to 13033 in order to obtain permission to leave their homes during the lockdown.

The SMS to 13033 should be formatted as follows: X (one of the digits 1-6 corresponding to the activities below), name, surname and address.

The six reasons (you must SMS) are:
  1. Visit to a pharmacy or visit to a doctor if necessary
  2. Visit to a supermarket or stores for essential supplies
  3. Visit to a bank if e-banking transactions are not possible
  4. Visit to people needing assistance or escorting children to and from school
  5. Attending a funeral, as per the conditions provided by the law, or visiting children in case of divorced parents
  6. Physical exercise outdoors or up to two persons taking their pet for a walk while always observing a 1.5-metre distance.

Alternatively, individuals unable to send SMSs, can fill out the form by hand. There are two types of documents: Document A, which is filled out once by the person going to work, with name, home address, work address, and shift schedule. This will be provided by employers. Document B is for trips not related to work and must be filled out every time a citizen wishes to leave his or her house, instead of an SMS. It must contain name, home address, destination and reason for circulation.

Anyone leaving the house will have to carry a valid identification card or document with them.

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