System Of A Down’s new song dedicated to Armenian soldiers is trending on Greek YouTube

Armenian wedding in Artsakh

System Of A Down on Friday released two new songs for the first time in 15 years in tribute to Armenian soldiers fighting against the Turkish-sponsored invasion of Artsakh by the Azerbaijani military and Syrian mercenaries.

The song ‘Protect The Land’ certainly stands out in its tribute to Armenians defending their homeland with a highly emotional video to accompany the song.

In fact, the song has also had a powerful impact on Greek listeners with the song now trending on YouTube.

System Of A Down trending in Greece
System Of A Down trending in Greece

The band explained that the two newly released songs, the other being ‘Genocidal Humanoidz,’ were made to highlight the “dire and serious war being perpetrated upon our cultural homelands of Artsakh and Armenia.”

On September 27 the Azerbaijaini military and Syrian mercenaries launched an invasion attempt of Artsakh, a historical Armenian province for over 2,500 years.

The band has urged people to contribute and support the Armenia Fund.

Greek City Times interviewed System of a Down lead singer Serj Tankian about the humanitarian crisis in Artsakh and why Turkey is sponsoring this invasion attempt.

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