Authorities in Kos shut down human trafficking network

illegal immigrant police Kos

The dismantling of a criminal organization that was trafficking illegal migrants from Turkey to Greece was carried out by officials of the Kos Port Authority with assistance from the Police Directorate of the Dodecanese Islands, Proto Thema reported.

In the early morning hours of Friday, five foreigners were arrested near the passenger port of Kos. Two possessed travel documents with dubious authenticity which were confiscated, while three lacked legal travel documents.

illegal immigrant police KosFollowing a further investigation by the Kos Port Authority, four locals aged 35, 39, 29 and 48 were arrested as members of a criminal organization.

The 39-year-old native is said to be a leader of the organization, while a foreigner, also alleged to be a leader, is wanted.

Kos Port.
Kos Port.


a) the 35-year-old local and the 25-year-old foreigner took care of the illegal transfer of immigrants from Turkey to Kos, then facilitated their movement within the island.

b) the 29-year-old and the 48-year-old native secured accommodation inside their hotel units.

c) the pre-investigation material showed that the 39-year-old native had the role of leader and coordinated all the actions of the organization. In addition, during a home search owned by the 48-year-old, three foreign minors were found who lacked legal travel documents.