France to upgrade Rafales to F3R Standard before delivery to Greece

Rafale fighter jet.

The Greek Air Force in 2021 will receive 12 Rafale fighter jets upgraded to the latest F3R standard.

Greece is buying 18 Rafale fighter jets from France, in which 8 would be brand new while the remaining are second-hand ones but in top condition. The first of the jets will arrive in Greece next year.

France's LA Tribune wrote that of the 18 jets, 12 will be of F3R standard.

Dassault announced the first flight of Rafale F3R on September 22.

This version of the jet can carry MBDA Meteor long-range air-to-air missile, some of which Athens is reportedly planning to acquire along with MICA NG and SCALP missiles.

Greek. France Rafale jets. Greek
Rafale jets.

A team consisting of officials from MBDA met with Greek officials in early September to discuss supply of missiles and other munitions for the Rafales.

This Rafael variant can also be equipped with the laser homing version of the Safran AASM Air-to-Ground Modular Weapon. F3R also includes upgrades to the Rafale sensors and to systems ensuring total interoperability.

The tradition of the Greek Air Force operating fighter jets from both France and the United States is to ensure a continued supply chain for at least one of the fleets in the possibility of sanctions or other restrictions imposed should Greece ever go to war.

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