Albanians with COVID-19 want to be treated in Greece because they do not trust local hospitals

Greece-Albania border crossing.

Images from a fake and a genuine COVID-19 tests from Albania were presented in the Star news bulletin.

This comes at a time when Albanians are trying to enter Greece to be treated for COVID-19 as they do not trust their own local health system.

The differences between the two documents are the logo in the centre, the signature and the seal of the doctor who has been the victim of forgery, as she states on Star.

Fake Albanian COVID-19 tests.
Fake Albanian COVID-19 tests.

The criminal network responsible for these fact tests is said to be hiding in northern Albania, with the perpetrators writing out negative test results even on patients with COVID-19.

This has allegedly affected the already heavy epidemiological burden in Epirus and Macedonia.

According to a Star report, many Albanians with COVID-19 want to be treated in Greek hospitals as they do not trust the Albanian health system.

A 20-year-old Albanian woman yesterday morning tried to cross from her country into Greece from Kakavia with a fake molecular test, but she was quickly noticed and in order to avoid arrest she fled.

The police compared the two documents and realized the fraud.

According to the correspondent of the Albanian television network Top Channel, however, the network allegedly did its work in Krystallopigi, which closed this morning at 6.

"The network could operate very easily at the crossing point of Krystallopigi. The Greek authorities stopped it and the Albanian authorities stopped it after complaints to Top Channel after our investigation", said the correspondent from the Albanian television network.

According to a Star report, however, Albanian authorities have even launched an investigation into the involvement of police officers in the case.

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