Did Turkish fishermen find a 300kg bronze Greek statue?

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Turkish fishermen in Physkos (Φύσκος, Turkish: Marmaris) found a bronze statue of a woman, 2 meters long and 300 kilograms in weight.

The bronze woman statue was handed over to the Marmaris Museum Directorate for examination.

With their nets 50 meters below sea level, the Turkish fishermen noticed that their catch was excessively heavy, according to Arkeofili. Expecting seafood in their nets, the fishermen were astonished to see the statue coming out.

The fishermen who "caught" the statue informed the Marmaris Coast Guard District Command team by radio of their discovery and a team from the Marmaris Museum Directorate made an on-site examination.

Once on land, the bronze statue was placed onto a vehicle with a crane.

It was determined to be a female bronze statue, about 2 meters tall and weighing 300 kilograms. The statue, whose period could not be immediately determined, was taken to Marmaris Museum Directorate and under their protection.

Turkish fishermen discover a 300kg bronze statue.
Turkish fishermen discover a 300kg bronze statue.

Marmaris Museum Directorate officials, who did not reveal much about the discovery, said that the statement will be made by the Ministry after examinations and research.

Given its appearance and the constant archeological discoveries in Turkey, it appears to be Greek, but not yet confirmed.