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Stella Sorotou The Olive

Stella Sorotou lives in Australia, teaches and writes books for students with myths, drawing life with words and pictures.

Stella Sorotou is a teacher.  She was employed by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs and she was seconded by the Greek Government, at the General Consulate of Greece – Education Department in Sydney.

Stella has created Art-Workshops with European Union Programs and Theatrical Performances with themes against war and the protection of environment written and directed by her.  Her paintings are inspired by Mythology, Antiquity, Nature and the problems of the modern world.

One of her biggest achievements is writing and publishing her first book ‘Ελιά’ (The Olive).


Stella Sorotou


This is a book written in Greek, with plans to also publish it in English. There are two versions of the book; an adult version and a more child friendly version with lots of beautiful pictures.


This book incorporates so many themes that have come out of real-life struggles, that made tears run down my cheeks many times.


Both books beautifully incorporate mythology, religion and life. The story takes place in Australia.


Stella Sorotou


The symbol of Greece is represented in these books through the Elia.

The olive tree is represented in the form of a woman who appears at the Monastery of Panagia Pantanassa in Mangrove and this is when the journey begins.

Also, animals are used as some of the characters to portray symbolisms and themes.

There are a number of themes presented in this book, which is the reason why it is so relevant.

It looks at ecology and the ungratefulness of people not looking after nature, but instead burning it and destroying it and also shines some light at the effects war has on both people and nature.

The Greek culture and identity are explored though the customs and traditions and by closely looking at migration.

This is done by addressing the Asia Minor Catastrophe and the Greeks that migrated all the way to Australia but also all around the world. We read about the racism these people had to face.

This book by Stella Sorotou provides value to all people of any age. Starting from school life, to friendship, to motherhood and the struggle that comes with all these different stages of life.

I believe the main message the book ‘Elia’ gives to the reader is to never give up hope; keep on fighting for what is right.

If you would like to purchase the books, you can do so at the link below. You will not regret it. It really is a great read!

Read 'The Olive' by Stella Sorotou:


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