Greek hackers participate in NATO cyber defense exercises

The annual NATO cyber exercises, “Cyber Coalition 2020,” which is one of the most important cyber exercises in the alliance, was held from November 16-20.

The purpose of the exercise was to improve the cooperation of alliance members in the field of cyber defense, test the rapid response to new operational data and modern digital threats.

During the exercise, scenarios related to both technical capabilities and operational processes were examined, mainly emphasizing the cooperation between the countries.

NATO cyber security.

A total of 25 NATO Member States, 4 Partner Nations and the European Union (The European Union Military Staff and Computer Emergency Response Team for the EU) participated in the event.

There were approximately 1,000 participants.

NATO cyber security exercises in 2019.
NATO cyber security exercises in 2019.

This year, the staff for dealing with cyber incidents in the Directorate of Cyber Defense of the Greek military, participated in the exercises.

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