Pantelis Pantelidis would have turned 37 today

Pantelis Pantelidis would have turned 37 today

Pantelis Pantelidis would have turned 37 today

Pantelis Pantelidis was one of Greece’s most loved and popular singers.

He was born in Athens on November 23, 1983. He tragically died in a horrific car crash on February 18, 2016 at the age of 32.

From a young age, Pantelidis began writing songs, which he filmed and sent to friends, who then posted them on Youtube, which ultimately went viral.

Unlike most artists, the musical star had a huge fan base even before signing a record deal.

Pantelis Pantelidis would have turned 37 today

He was not only considered an amazing singer, but he was also a talented songwriter and lyricist. A self-taught musician, Pantelidis first became popular through his music videos on YouTube, while later he abandoned a career in the Hellenic Navy to pursue his musical ambitions.

In 2012, Pantelis released a video singing his original song, Den Tairiazete Sou Lew, accompanied by his self-taught acoustic guitar playing. The video received instant hype and reached over 1 million views in a short period of time. The video led to a contract with a popular Greek Record company. In 2012, his debut album went double-platinum. In the Autumn of 2013, he won the MAD Video Music Award for Best New Artist.

Pantelis Pantelidis would have turned 37 today

His captivating and distinct voice soon became recognised and Pantelidis’ songs were being played across Greek radio stations and clubs.

Apart from his talent as a singer and songwriter, people also loved him for his down-to-earth personality and approachable manner.

Fantasia Ο Γιώργος Μαζωνάκης δίνει μικρόφωνο στον Παντελή Παντελίδη. 14-6-2014@ club Fantasia in Athens Giorgos Mazonakis gives the microphone to PANTELIS PANTELIDIS (official)Like or Share if you missed out seeing this great singer songwriter live. #Rip Such a great talent gone too soon. #flashback #Λιώμαστογκρεμό

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He worked with many Greek musicians including Giorgos Mazonakis, Vasilis Karras, Despina Vandi, Paola and others.

He also won awards at the MAD Video Music Awards, the first in 2013 as the best new artist and secondly in 2015 as the best Greek male singer and “best Greek Male Singer” again in 2016, after his death. His close family and friends accepted the award on his behalf.

Pantelis Pantelidis would have turned 37 today

Even after his death two of his songs (“Ta Shinia Sou” and “Pino Apo ‘Ki Psila Gia Sena”) reached the top of the Billboard chart “Greece Digital Songs.”

RIP to the legend Pantelis Pantelidis, who today would have turned 37-years-old! His music will forever live on.

*Image credit: Pantelis Pantelidis