Albanian driver crashes through border crossing to illegally enter Greece

Kakavia border crossing.

Determined to make any sacrifice to enter Greece, an Albanian drove through and broke a toll bar at the border crossing in Kakavia.

Late Sunday night, the Albanian stepped on the accelerator and broke the metal traffic control bars of the Passport Control Department and Kakavia Customs and continued to drive.

Kakavia border crossing. Albanian-Greek border.
Kakavia border crossing.

An alarm was immediately sounded and searches began.

The vehicle was located a little later by Ioannina Security police on the Kakavias-Ioannina national road, immobilized.

The driver was arrested and he did not have any documents to legally be in Greece.

A case was filed against him for violating COVID-19 measures, damage to public property and illegal entry into Greece.

He was then taken to the Public Prosecutor of Ioannina.

Days ago, a 20-year-old Albanian woman tried to cross into Greece from Kakavia with a fake COVID-19 test, but she was quickly noticed and fled in order to avoid arrest, as previously reported by Greek City Times.