54-year-old nurse from Drama hospital dies of COVID-19

Drama hospital.

A 54-year-old nurse from the hospital of Drama died of a coronavirus in the Intensive Care Unit of a Thessaloniki hospital.

The Federation of Public Hospital Workers (POEDIN), which announced her death, sent condolences to colleagues and relatives, but spoke of a large dispersion inside the hospital.

“Along with sadness, however, there is also anger for the mistakes and omissions that led to a large spread of the virus inside the hospital,” said Michalis Giannakos, president of POEDIN.

Drama hospital.
Drama hospital.

According to him, another 52-year-old nurse from the same hospital is fighting for her life in the Intensive Care Unit of the Alexandroupolis hospital and is intubated.

Her daughter, who gave birth by caesarean section in the hospital, was found positive and it is estimated by the president of POEDIN that she got stuck in the hospital.

Also, two more members of the medical staff from the Drama hospital were transported with serious symptoms to the Alexandroupolis hospital.

Finally, Giannakos announces that a total of 70 health workers are ill at the Drama hospital.

“The situation escaped with significant responsibilities in the mismanagement of the incidents that led to a large spread of the virus inside the hospital,” he concluded.