25% of inhabitants in Athens are immigrants

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According to a secret report by the Greek Police, 25% of the Athenian population are, including legal and illegal immigrants.

In fact, in some neighborhoods such as Patisia, Agios Panteleimon, Agios Pavlos, Victoria Square and others that are close to central Athens, foreigners account for 40-45% according to Estia.

Athens Estia

However, the rate of foreigners the Greek capital does not appear to be decreasing as temporary shelter housing illegal immigrants and asylum seekers will be built.

This construction comes following an agreement signed between the Migration & Asylum Ministry, the Municipality of Athens and the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) office in Greece, as previously reported by Greek City Times.

Illegal immigrants in Central Athens.
Illegal immigrants in Central Athens

The new accommodation space at Eleonas migrant camp will house some 500 individuals who have been granted a provisional stay approval.