Brothel in Athens operated despite COVID-19 restrictions


Two brothels, a gym and a furniture store in Attica region are among the businesses operating despite COVID-19 restrictions, according to police checks.

A brothel located in a two-storey building in Omonia in central Athens, in which people were present, was raided by police.

Brothel in Greece.
Brothel in Greece.

Police officers tried to carry out a check, but the brothel sealed the main entrance and the internal doors from the inside in order to prevent the impending check.

An entry operation was then organized in the presence of a representative of the Judicial Authority.

Two women were found operating the establishment and violating restrictions that had been set by the Municipality of Athens.

Nine women were found as employees and another fifteen men as clients.

All those arrested were fined 300 euros, while the landlord of the building was fined 5,000 euros.

Those found running the brothel were fined 3,000 euros.

A case has been filed against seven of those arrested for violating the Law on Foreigners and deportation measures will be applied against them.

Elsewhere in Attica region, four fines of 5,000 euros were given to two brothels, a gym and a furniture store for violating COVID-19 restrictions.

An additional two fines of 3,000 euros were given to the managers of the gym and brothel and a fine of 3,000 euros to an organizer of an illegal gambling den.

In Central Greece, a fine of 3,000 euros was imposed on a tavern and in Western Greece a fine of 5,000 euros was given to a cafe-bar. The shop manager also received a 3,000 euros fine.

A cafe in Crete was also fined 5,000 euros.

In Central Macedonia, a fine of 5,000 euros was imposed on a hardware store and another fine of 3,000 euros was given to an illegal gambling den.


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