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Greek tanker hit by naval mine in Saudi Arabia


A Greek-managed tanker was hit by a mine in Saudi Arabia, while the explosion caused extensive damage to the tanker.

An explosion damaged the Agrari tanker off the coast of Saudi Arabia in the Red Sea, near the border with Yemen, according to a private insurance company.

Greek-managed MT Agrari.

The Maltese-flagged vessel was struck shortly after noon off the coast of Shuqaiq.

In a statement quoted by the AP, the ship’s managers said that the Greek tanker “was attacked by an unknown source”.

Ambrey maritime security service.

“The Agrari was struck about 1 meter above the waterline and has suffered a breach. It has been confirmed that the crew are safe and there have been no injuries.”

“The explosion took place in port limits and punctured the hull of the vessel,” Ambrey, a British security firm, said.

The ship that had cargo from the Dutch port city of Rotterdam did not sink and Saudi officials went on board for inspections.

At this point it is not known yet when the Agrari will be able to sail again, but it is expected it that necessary repairs could take some time to complete as the damage was extensive.



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