Hydra windmill turns orange

orange, Sophia Loren Windmill on Hydra
Sophia Loren Windmill on Hydra
*Image Credit: Protothema

Phaedra's Windmill on the Greek island of Hydra, was illuminated in orange on Wednesday November 25 to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

“Violence against women is a blatant violation of human rights and does not know colour, class, race or age. It can happen in any family, in any home and in any woman. This symbolic movement aims to prevent all forms of gender-based violence as well as to inform and sensitize more and more people in order to create a collective culture of zero tolerance for violence against women. Silence and fear are allies in the spread of such phenomena. Silence is complicity. Speak, do not be afraid," Deputy mayor and Chairwoman of the Equality and Gender Committee of the Municipality, Mary Katsika said.

Orange the World Campaign

25 November has been designed as the Orange Day by the UNiTE to End Violence against Women Campaign. The colour orange symbolises a brighter future, free of violence. It also serves as a means of demonstrating your solidarity in eliminating all forms of violence and it is therefore used as the colour of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. As a show of solidarity, the UNESCO globe will be illuminated in orange.

Phaedra's Windmill

The windmill is located above the canons and the 'periptero', on the western tip of Hydra Harbour.

It featured in the 1957 film 'Boy On A Dolphin' starring Italian actress Sophia Loren. Today, a statue opposite the windmill stands to commemorate this historic international cinematic event.

Hellenic Parliament lit up in orange as symbol against violence

The Hellenic Parliament was lit up in orange on Wednesday evening, as part of an international campaign aimed at tackling violence against women.

As part of the initiative, the slogan “No to violence” was projected on the building.