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Turkey-based weapon and drug smuggler arrested by Greek police


A member of an arms and drug trafficking ring based in Turkey was arrested by Greek police pretending to be interested customers.

The weapon and drug smuggler often sold his illegal merchandise in Greece.

The 35-year-old Palestinian was arrested just meters from the Greek-Turkish border with eight pistols, 25 cartridges and 470 narcotic tablets.

The items confiscated by Greek police from the Turkey-based smuggler.

He demanded 6,000 euros from the undercover Greek police officers.

The police gathered information about the activity of the criminal network and during an investigation found the source of the smuggling.

A police officer contacted the Palestinian and pretended to be the client. He then made an appointment with him in a nearby area of ​​the Filakto in Evros.

Filakto close to the Greek-Turkish border.

The member of the network, after entering Greece illegally by crossing the Evros river, sold the weapons and drugs to the police officer.

However, an organized police operation was set up resulting in the 35-year-old being arrested and taken to the prosecutor.


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