Greek is listed as one of the ‘sexiest languages’

Greek is listed as one of the 'sexiest languages'

Greek is listed as one of the 'sexiest languages'

Experts have revealed the sexiest languages based on peoples’ reactions to hearing provocative chat-up lines in different dialects.

The experiment conducted by Global e-learning platform Preply found that Italian speakers made heart rates increase the most.

This was followed by Portuguese and French, while Russian and Greek also made the top five.

On the other end of the spectrum, Dutch failed to excite participants.

The sexiest languages:

  • Italian (23%)
  • Portuguese (20%)
  • French (18%)
  • Russian (18%)
  • Greek (18%)
  • Chinese (17%)
  • Polish (17%)
  • German (15%)
  • Japanese (15%)
  • Korean (17%)
  • Hindi (15%)
  • Dutch (12%)

Linguist Aleksandra Stevanovic explained that we perceive languages like Italian as more attractive because they have less consonants stacked together and are thought to be easy for singing, unlike dialects perceived as non-musical such as German.

She also revealed how to make your voice sound more seductive whatever your native language; by lowering your pitch and speaking slower.