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US Army drinks bottled water from Cretan village of Zaros

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One of the most famous companies in the field of bottled water, Zaros, was included in the global list of suppliers of the US Department of Defense for the needs of the US Armed Forces.

Every Zaros bottle is packed right at the source in ZAROS village of Crete, Greece.

All items on the ‘Worldwide Directory of Sanitarily Approved Food Establishments for Armed Forces Procurement’ must pass the US Government’s strict quality standards.

“This development is a top reward for the efforts we make to provide the highest quality products to consumers. The internationally awarded water is bottled at the source at the foot of Psiloritis, and is driven to state-of-the-art machines without any treatment, while the installed quality control system ensures that the water will eventually reach the consumer while maintaining the the same physical-chemical elaboration and microbial purity that was originally at the natural source,” CEO of Zaros, Christoforos Papadimitrakis said.


In February 2017, the Bottled Natural Mineral water ZARO’S won the gold award in the category “Mineral Water” during the award-winning 27th annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, the largest water tasting competition in the world.

During the competition, Zaro’s water, was evaluated by 11 selective judges, tasted each water under guidelines for each attribute including appearance, aroma, taste, mouth feel and aftertasted.


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