Automatic SMS alerts will notify Greeks when they can receive the COVID-19 vaccine

SMS COvid-19 vaccine

People will receive SMS with the proposed day, time and part to get the COVID-19 vaccination, according to the plans of the Greek Ministry of Digital Governance.

Vulnerable groups with intangible prescriptions will precede.

Via SMS, people will receive on their mobile phones when they can be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as Greece receives it, according to reliable sources from the Ministry of Digital Government.

Greek Minister of Digital Governance Kyriakos Pierrakakis and his staff treat this scenario, not only for vulnerable groups, which will precede the others, but also to all who have joined the prescribing platform

Once the registration has been made, people will receive without request an SMS (or e-mail if he has not given a mobile phone number), with the suggested day, time and place of the vaccination.

It should be noted that the vaccination center that will be selected will be close to the person's residence.

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COVID-19 Vaccine.

The selection of the first "batch" of people to be vaccinated will result after a very strict control of the vaccination committee, which will set the criteria, according to the same sources of the Ministry of Digital Government.

This is in order to avoid serious problem that arises every year with influenza vaccines when non-vulnerable citizens are vaccinated at the expense of vulnerable groups.

The government is literally running to prevent it, the ministerial sources pointed out to Sputnik Hellas.

The SMS, the ministry estimates, is a very direct, practical and safe way to inform people about their vaccination. However, in case they have mobile phone and the technological issue, there is the alternative of contacting a call center.

In addition, there will be a platform to make an appointment for the vaccination.

"We will send the appointment via SMS to the world and if people want they will do it," we are told by the Ministry of Digital Government.

They also revealed that one of the criteria for prioritization for vaccination will be the age of the person.

Finally, a big bet for the government is how all the vaccines will reach the vaccination centers on time.

"This issue will concern all countries. Not only Greece. The struggle is common. We will succeed," sources in the ministry pointed out.