Dendias was rightly outraged with Germany, but has Athens learnt its lesson?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel with Turkish President Erdogan.

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias was outraged by Germany’s tolerance of Turkey and told POLITICO that Germany was not playing a leading role in the EU with this attitude.

Dendias is right, but we do not think that he has now realized the attitude of Berlin.
He simply waited for the Merkel government to change its course – in vain.

Germany has had a clear policy towards Turkey since its inception. It fits better with what the neighboring country is expressing: strong statehood. Germany, like Turkey, was a land power.

Berlin’s geopolitical interests converged more with those of Turkey, and, in the German capital, apparently, they still believe they continue to converge.

Also, today’s Germany does not want a democratic and, as far as possible, a united European Union. Berlin wants a German Europe, the one they more or less tried to conquer with two world wars.

The only period in which Germany attempted to emerge and function as a Western-style democracy was the Weimar Republic, between the two great wars.

This Republic was imposed on it by the Allies and failed because the German psychosynthesis does not tolerate notions of equality and other things that came from the course of humanity over time and were expressed in the modern era with the French Revolution.

Berlin believes in its uniqueness. And this belief leads her to the imposition of her own perception and policy.

It is this perception that has driven Britain out of the Union.

It is the same conception that marginalized France and will force Paris to either submit or become a rallying point for countries of the Union that do not agree with German conception and sovereignty.

Germany is not going to leave Turkey.

German policy will be pro-Turkish, and let them realize this well in Athens.

Greece has advantages that it must use.

Germany Merkel Erdogan EU
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

It is wrong to estimate that the geopolitical position of Greece is inferior to that of Turkey. Turkey’s geopolitical position without Greece is declining sharply.

The future of Greece is in the European Union but not in this European Union.

The future of Greece is in a Federal European Union that will not be German. If Germany wants to participate very well as a European Germany.

If it does not want to and wants to maintain a German Europe, there must be new considerations for the formulation of another European policy, possibly without Germany.

Pantelis Savvidis is a Thessaloniki based journalist.

Guest Contributor

This piece was written for Greek City Times by a Guest Contributor