Ahmet Mete: The fake Pomak Mufti in Thrace who is paid to say he is Turkish

Fake Imam Ahmet Mete.

Ahmet Mete, the illegal Mufti of Xanthi, has tried to be noticed again.

According to his own post, some people entered the building where he lives, and with a red marker wrote a racist slogan.

This slogan referred to a Turk, and here is the question.

Why was Ahmet Mete, a Pomak (Slavic-speaking Muslim) from Oraio Xanthis, offended since the racist comment referred to a Turk?

I would like to believe that he was annoyed as a person, but he has proven that he is also a trafficker of hatred and racist practices.

On August 3, 2014, in the village of Glafki in the prefecture of Xanthi, participating in an event that was held to gather aid for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip after the Israeli attack on Hamas in 2014, he said:

"As an Advisory Committee, we held a rally in Xanthi and decided to raise aid for our brothers in Gaza. We have already held a memorial service and prayers here in Western Thrace for our brothers there," he said.

"We do everything we can to help our brothers in Gaza who are suffering because of Israel, without disturbing anyone and completely democratically," he continued.

"Curse on Israel! Hitler was right when he said that now you will be angry with me, but one day I will be right about the Jews. Our curse on them now and our prayers to our brothers," he finished his speech.

Then, after the Central Israeli Council (CIS) of Greece first issued a harsh statement, Ahmet Mete, apologized publicly. He was eventually sentenced to 8 months in prison despite the prosecutor's acquittal.

It should be noted that the illegal Mufti of Xanthi was sentenced to four months in prison (again an acquittal by the prosecutor) for the incident that occurred at the funeral of the unfortunate soldier, Katounlou, who drowned during his tenure.

But why does a Pomak shout, as loudly as he can with provocations, that he is a Turk?

Ahmet Mete finished primary school in Turkey, which is why he shouts in the mosques "do not teach your children Greek."

He and the rest of the Pomaks who shout that they are Turks, in order of course to have a share of the 15 to 20 million euros that Ankara distributes in Western Thrace, claim that he was the elected Mufti in a Mosque through a vote.

It should be noted that this method of election does not exist in Turkey either, where the Muftis are appointed by the state, just like in Greece.

For the last 10 years, Ahmet Mete has been disliked by both Ankara, which supports him due to political continuity in the region, and by the Muslims themselves.

His convictions, the preaching of hatred in mosques, but also his way of life when Muslims are forced to send their children abroad, bring his removal closer and closer.

This is the reason why he sets up provocations to show that he is being persecuted as a "Turk " in Thrace, and to serve Ankara's policy in the region in order to gain financial support.

In fact, in 2016, residents of the village of Melivoia Xanthi complained about the self-proclaimed "elected" Mufti to the Directorate of Religious Affairs of Turkey!

Yes, it is not funny, as according to an article in the newspaper "Trakianin Sesi", residents of Melivoia, protesting the absence of the Xanthi Imam and the religious officials, wrote on Facebook against him.

Fake Imam Ahmet Mete.
Fake Imam Ahmet Mete.

Him, the Turkish Consulate and a part of the residents of the Greek village, made bad provocations and local Muslims complained about their issue to the Directorate of Religious Affairs of Turkey to control Mete for his behavior.

But by doing so, they confessed that:

A) that for them there is no Greek state.

B) that Mr. Mete belongs to an Office of the official Turkish State, and is controlled by it, so he works (and may be paid) to serve the interests of another state.

C) The Directorate of Religious Affairs of Turkey, accepting its role in the region, requested official written information from residents.

D) The order Mete gave to all the imams of the area not to participate in a ceremony shows that he controls a whole network of imams of his choice who operate in parallel with the system of the legal Mufti of Xanthi.

E) That the Directorate of Religious Affairs of Turkey organizes, controls and rather finances an entire network of imams under Mr. Mete, and is developing and prospering in Thrace (because something similar exists in Komotini under Ibrahim Serif).

It is worth noting that Ahmet Mete in his attempt to stay up to date, ignored the instructions of the Greek State for the Pandemic.

On June 19, in an article entitled "The Pseudo-Mufti of Xanthi crossed the border in Echinos," stated, "In Greece, however, Muslims again fell victim to a brutal blackmail and deliberate misinformation and deception by the convicted pseudo-Mufti of Xanthi.

"While in the city of Xanthi, Muslims followed the instructions of the State and the legal Mufti, in the mountainous area the convicted fake mufti called the faithful to the mosques for prayer or encouraged them to pray in houses of groups of families.

"The Muslim residents of the areas of Echinos mainly, who have an increased selfishness and are more dependent on the parallel structures that function as a parastate, did not visit mosques as they were closed as part of the coronavirus, but preferred to perform their religious duties in homes.

"At the urging of the pseudo-mufti and his imams, the virus spread rapidly and infected dozens of people."

And the article continued: "The fact that families with people of all ages, live together in this society, turned homes and family life into places with 'closed populations' where the transmission of the coronavirus was very fast and easy."

"It ended this time, but the action of the pseudo-mufti convicted of hatred had a direct impact.

"The permanent practice of following anti-Greek action has long-term negative effects on the inhabitants of the area of ​​the Municipality of Myki, such as isolation, avoidance of integration into modern Greek society, avoidance of Greek education and general avoidance of education.

"This is so it can exercise unhindered its influence by betting on the religious feeling that turns it into fanaticism."

This article first appeared in Greek on Via Diplomacy and is authored by Petros Outsis.

Guest Contributor

This piece was written for Greek City Times by a Guest Contributor