Archbishop Ieronymos discharged from hospital

Archbishop Ieronymos discharged from hospital

Archbishop Ieronymos discharged from hospital

Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and All Greece was discharged from Athens’ Evangelismos Hospital, where he has been undergoing treatment for Covid-19.

The 82-year-old archbishop was admitted to hospital on November 19  for precautionary reasons, and was later diagnosed with Covid-19.

After being discharged, Archbishop Ieronymos made the following statement:

Right now I am lighting, in the Chapel of Saint Paul in the Archdiocese of Athens, a candle for all Greek men and women and for all our fellow humans, who give their personal struggle against this dangerous and insidious enemy. An enemy we will overcome with the help of God and Science.

I want everyone to know that I pray for everyone at all times, for everyone without exception, because, beyond what each of us is and what he believes in and if he believes, we are all humans, strong and weak at the same time, but all creatures of the Creator.

I want everyone to know that at every moment are by their side the true heroes of this great ordeal for our Homeland and for the whole Universe. Our doctors and nurses and all the staff of our Hospitals, who sacrifice every sense of their ego to protect the health and save the lives of all of us, who forget that they exist so that we can exist as well. No conversation, no words can stress enough our gratitude for what they do for us, which is beyond human limits.

But I do not want to hide from you that during my own ordeal I was very scared and in a lot of pain, like all people. Passing the door of the “Evangelismos” hospital, I was prepared for everything and, as a clergyman, more familiar with the idea that we all reject, that we will not return home, that we will not hug our loved ones again, that we will not give and we will not receive love. I left myself in the hands of God and my doctors and I crossed myself with Faith in my Creator. Besides, it was not the first time for me…

From the bottom of my heart I thank all those who stood by me with their prayers and messages. It was a balm for the very difficult hours I spent. I thank all our faithful people, the clergy and the Hierarchs, and, especially, my treating doctors, Anastasia Kotanidou, Sotiris Tsiodras and the Elder-Doctor Paraskevi Roussou. I am deeply grateful to everyone.

And I warmly ask you all once again: respect the rules and measures of the competent health authorities of the State. Self-limit, discipline and protect, with your attitude and behavior, the health and life of yourself and your loved ones and all our fellow humans.

United as a People, rest assured that God will never forsake us.

Archbishop Ieronymos

Ieronymos II (Greek: Ιερώνυμος B’; born 10 March 1938) is the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece and as such the primate of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Greece. He was elected on 7 February 2008.