Nearly 100 COVID-19 cases hit military personnel in Tripoli and Ioannina

-19 124th Basic Training Wing in Tripoli

Dozens of COVID-19 cases have hit the Katsimitrou camp in Perama to the north of Ioannina and the 124th Basic Training Wing in Tripoli.

Around 43 cases of COVID-19 were found in the Katsimitrou camp in Ioannina.

It all started in the military camp in northwest Greece when some conscripted soldiers showed some symptoms resembling those of COVID-19. The authorities immediately conducted a rapid test on all.

"The mobilization by those in charge was immediate," said Soldier A, who wished to remain anonymous and belonged to the conscripts.

"The first building was for the positives, the second for the 'suspicious cases', that is, for those who had close contact (ie those who were in the same room) with the positive cases, and in the other two buildings were the negative cases," said another soldier.

"Cleaning is exclusively our business. The Greek army does not have the money to hire professionals […] after every test that is done, a disinfection workshop […] comes. So far they have come 3 times," he added.

As the days passed, the cases increased significantly and the soldiers began to be forced to take on the duties of their "positive" colleagues who had been isolated for obvious reasons.

Military personnel wearing masks to prevent COVID-19.
Military personnel wearing masks to prevent COVID-19.

"There is medical coverage and food for the sick. Visits are strictly forbidden but there is the possibility of sending food and personal items from parents, which enter with a special car," another soldier said.

"We have no contact with the positive cases. We talk through social media and they say they are happy," he said, adding that there are "around 43 cases."

Meanwhile, down in Tripoli, more than 50 cases of  COVID-19 have been detected, most of which concern conscripts, while according to Open TV, it is possible that there are a few permanent employees who have become ill.

Some had COVID-19 and were detected upon entry and isolated, but it appears that some were asymptomatic and transmitted the virus.

There is concern in the camp, as other cases are likely to be detected, and perhaps even in town where military personnel can move around freely.