Former Golden Dawn MEP to sue Greek President for €100,000

Former Golden Dawn MEP Giannis Lagos

A former Golden Dawn Member of European Parliament, but now an independent, will sue Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou for alleged illegal behavior.

Giannis Lagos, who enjoys immunity as a Brussels-based MEP and avoids a 13 year and eight month sentence for being a former leader of the Far Right Golden Dawn organization, demands €100,000 from the Greek president.

In the lawsuit, Lagos maintains:

"It infringed, inter alia, the presumption of his innocence, his personality, his right to self-determination and with its unacceptable attitude and even more unacceptable statements, she influenced the Court of Appeal in which his appeal will be heard."

Former Golden Dawn member Giannis Lagos.
Former Golden Dawn member Giannis Lagos.

"It is a particularly painful impression that a former judge made these outrageous statements but also commented on a court decision, which is inadmissible and illegal," his lawsuit claims.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, 631 MEP’s voted in favor of a resolution condemning Turkey’s actions that violate UN Security Council Resolutions 500 and 2483. Of the 693 voting MEP’s, 59 abstained and only three voted against, in which Lagos was one.

Lagos reasoned his decision because of “Germany’s hypocritical funding of Turkey,” stating that “Turkey cannot stop collecting some signatures.”

While vetoing the resolution, he called for the withdrawal of Turkey’s occupying troops from Cyprus, a request that is included in the resolution he vetoed.