Notis Sfakianakis’ trial today has been postponed

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Alexis Kougias, the lawyer of Notis Sfakianakis, announced that the singers trial, which was due to begin today, was postponed.

After consultation with the Athens Prosecutor’s Office, the case against the well-known singer will not be brought to trial today and has been postponed indefinitely.

Kougias spoke on OPEN TV about the arrest of Sfakianakis and what preceded it.

“Why is everyone talking about cocaine? Nobody knows what was found… Why are the police making these leaks? How does a union police officer know the details of the case?”, Kougias stated, regarding information about Sfakianakis being caught with cocaine.

Notis Sfakianakis appearing at court on November 30, 2020. His December 2 trial has been postponed.

“Sfakianakis has said two things: what I have to say, I will say in court… We have answers for everything, we will give them to the court,” added Kougias.

Regarding the possession of weapons, he noted that the singer has had the gun for 17 years without issues.

It is recalled that a few days ago Kougias stated in an interview that the singer “hosts passengers, artists, businessmen in the car… The news that he admitted that the drugs are his is false”.

“Some people spread false news that he admitted that the drugs were his own and for his own use. He said alone without a lawyer that what I have to say I will say in court is written in his apology,” he added.

His arrest on Sunday evening was after a police check on Vouliagmeni Avenue.

“I have the gun with me because I’m in danger. The license papers had expired and had not been renewed, Sfakianakis said.

The arrest took place shortly after 20:00 on Vouliagmeni Avenue at the junction with Iasonidou.


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