Sofia Harmanda and Gerard Butler: a match by Aphrodite herself. How will they spend the holidays?

Gerard Butler Sofia Hamanda

Hollywood heart throb and King Leonidas himself, Gerard Butler may have found his Spartan Queen after all.

He has established more than once how much he loves Greece and its many beauties.

And this is not only referring to the countless times Butler has spent his summer holidays on the cosmopolitan Greek island of Mykonos and his recent participation in the lighting of Tokyo 2020 Olympic flame at Sparta in Greece.

Gerard Butler has famously played many ancient characters in movies, with his most famous role as King Leonidas, where he is said to have sweated blood from the exertion of the many stunts performed.

But, as things would have it, Butler wanted more of Greece.

He is reportedly now dating brown-haired Greek model Sofia Harmanda, after being spotted together in France back in July, and it appears things are going well between the two.

The two haven't been seen together since, with the couple being fiercely private about their relationship.

Gerard Butler Sofia Harmanda
Gerard Butler and Sofia Harmanda.

However, according to a Real News article, Sofia Harmanda and Gerard Butler will spend this Christmas and its festivities in England and Scotland.

The brunette beauty has decided that Britain will be her base this winter so that she can travel to European countries for business reasons.

On the other hand, the famous actor has been riding out the COVID-19 lockdown in his luxurious mansion in Scotland since the autumn.

"They chose Britain as a base, as they thought that this way they would be able to share their common free time. Recently they travelled to Switzerland, where Sofia participated in a photoshoot.

“But they both try not to show their relationship in the media.

“When Sofia has a few days off from professional obligations, leaves London and is with her lover in Scotland, while with the help of technology they have daily communication," a close friend of the couple explained to the newspaper.


Well, we wish the Spartan a happy ever after with his Greek princess.

The Goddess Aphrodite will be happy with such a match, of that we are sure. Happy holidays!

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