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Greek rock climber gets creative at home during lockdown

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Climbing up the walls… literally.

Not because 21-year-old Manthos Valsamidis was over being ‘locked up’ at home during Greece’s second lockdown, but to stay in shape.

The climbing athlete and medical student of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) built a climbing wall in his living room so he can “follow a full training routine,” he told AMNA.

Valsamidis took up the sport 10 years ago. He loves the feeling of being several meters above the ground, close to the rocks, near nature.

Climbing is his passion and he intends to keep it that way as long as he can, he said.

During the first lockdown in Greece last spring, which lasted over a month, he missed the opportunity to keep himself in rock climbing shape.

This time he was well prepared.

“I see this lockdown period as an opportunity given to me to progress more with my training, but also with my studies. I have more time to study and train since I am not losing time commuting,” he continued.

*Image Credit: Dimitris Tosidis


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