Greek President’s message on International Day of People with Disabilities

Greek President's message on International Day of People with Disabilities

Greek President's message on International Day of People with Disabilities

On the occasion of International Day of People with Disabilities, President of Hellenic Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou posted a message underlining the importance of raising awareness and sensitising society “regarding people with disabilities.”

“Let us consider, then, what it means for people with disabilities to be condemned by a physical defect in their social margin and a life of dependence, to the substantial deprivation of the fundamental right to dignity. What does it mean to be unable to interact with other people, the isolation and the problems of identity and self-esteem that this weakness can cause,” she said.

The President stressed that “we have a duty to protect their dignity and prosperity.”

“First of all by taking steps to eliminate from their daily life the obstacles that make it difficult, starting from the easiest, their access to public transport, buildings, services and goods and finally reaching equality in healthcare and recovery, equality in education, cultivating skills and job opportunities,” she said.

Sakellaropoulou also had a video call with the President of the National Confederation of People with Disabilities, Ioannis Vardakastanis, who briefed her on the problems facing people with disabilities, especially the additional difficulties arising due to the pandemic.

 International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPwD)

IDPwD is a United Nations observed day celebrated internationally. It aims to increase public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability and celebrate their achievements and contributions.

What is IDPwD for?
  • Celebration – to recognise and value the diversity of our global community, and to cherish the role we all play, regardless of our abilities;
  • Learning – to understand and learn from the experiences of people with living with a disability;
  • It is a day for optimism – to look towards the future and the creation of a world where a person is not characterised by their disabilities, but by their abilities;
  • Action – where all people, organisations, agencies and charities not only show their support for International Day of People with Disabilities, but take on a commitment to create a world characterised by equal human rights.

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Posted by Katerina Sakellaropoulou on Thursday, December 3, 2020

New wheelchair lift at Acropolis Hill.
New wheelchair lift at Acropolis Hill.
New wheelchair lift opens at the Acropolis

The new wheelchair access lift for disabled people to reach Acropolis Hill was inaugurated today by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Mitsotakis described the new lift, located on the north slope of the Acropolis, as “an emblematic project” as scores of people will now have easier access to the historical site.