How likely is it that the EU will impose sanctions on Turkey?

EU Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrives before a meeting with European Commission President and EU Council President | John Thys/AFP via Getty Images

The European Council Summit that will take place in a few days and Turkey's provocative behavior will be put on the table by EU members.

What do the Greek MEPs, Eliza Vozenberg (New Democracy) and Stelios Kouloglou (SYRIZA) think about the upcoming Summit?

All the scenarios are on the table regarding the European Summit which is expected to take place on 10 and 11 December .

EU leaders are set to discuss Euro-Turkish relations and the possibility of imposing sanctions on Turkey over a barrage of violations in the Eastern Mediterranean against Greece and Cyprus.

The return of the Turkish research ship, Oruç Reis, to Attaleia (Ἀττάλεια, Turkish: Antalya) Port, in fact, is in order for Turkey to avoid any sanctions.

The dichotomy of the EU is obvious. on the issue, with France and Germany at loggerheads over sanctions.

According to diplomatic sources, if the position on sanctions finally prevails, it will be a great French diplomatic victory against northern European countries.

However, Greek MEPs believe that imposing sanctions is not something simple.

Vozenberg: There will be a serious blow to Germany if it accepts its failure.

"There is an intense dialogue going on. On one hand, the countries that react are led by Germany. With them are the Netherlands and Spain. These countries are negative about imposing sanctions," MEP Eliza Vozenberg told Sputnik Hellas.

She adds:

"But there are also countries that make up the powerful opposition bloc led by France. With them, among others, is Austria. These are countries that strongly support the imposition of sanctions."

"My personal opinion is that something will happen . Maybe not what we expect, that is, sanctions so strong that they will make President Erdoğan change policy. However, there will be some condemnation, otherwise it will be like Germany admitting that it lost," she continued.

"It would be a great blow for the country that holds the EU presidency, but is also the strongest country within it, to admit what is happening so far: its failure," Vozenberg said.

At the same time, Vozenberg believes that the way has been opened for a more decisive stance towards Turkey and that no one in the EU is convinced by President Erdoğan's folds.

"Everyone understands that the folds are made in order for Turkey to avoid sanctions. However, the financial interests are so strong that so far they have prevented a really resounding response to the detriment of the Turkish President and his activities," she added.

Kouloglou: Sanctions will not "hurt" Turkey financially

For his part and on a similar wavelength, SYRIZA MEP Stelios Kouloglou, speaking to Sputnik Hellas, estimates that if sanctions are imposed, they will not "hurt Turkey financially, as there are strong countries, such as Germany, that would not want this due to close economic relations with Turkey and the refugee issue".

And he explains in more detail:

"By constantly violating human rights and violating the rule of law, Turkey is moving further and further away from European values. Turkey's delinquent behavior in the Eastern Mediterranean is reprehensible".

Voices for the EU's repositioning of Turkey, as long as it persists in this stance, are growing, and there is a first agreement that in the event of Turkey's delinquent behavior, the use of all available Union mechanisms and options, including financial sanctions, is possible.

"If, in the end, they will be imposed and to what extent, it is difficult to predict at this time, as Erdogan is maneuvering, while behind-the-scenes moves are being made," he added.