Maria Menounos reveals both her parents are in hospital battling covid-19

Maria Menounos reveals both her parents are in hospital battling covid-19

Greek American presenter Maria Menounos revealed in a new episode of her podcast, “Better Together with Maria Menounos” that both her parents have been diagnosed with covid-19.

Her parents tested positive the day before Thanksgiving and have been hospitalized in two separate facilities for their conditions. Menounos “is asking for ‘prayers.’”

It also comes after her mother, Litsa, found out her brain tumor was growing back.

Menounos said she has been on the phone non-stop with the two separate care teams.  “I’m on the phone, clicking back and forth, and I’m like, ‘Hold on this is my mom’s doctor.’ ‘Wait are you my dad’s doctor?’ … It’s been pretty insane.”

The popular Greek-American entertainment reporter learnt that staying positive is the only way to get through this stressful situation. “I kept focusing on what my desired outcome was, not what my fear was, and that helped me a lot,” Menounos said.

She also revealed that her parents’ health has motivated her to take steps toward starting a family. “I thought on Wednesday, the eve of Thanksgiving, I was going to lose both parents, and it was real, and I just kept praying and focusing on my desired outcome,” Menounos said, adding “I kept saying, ‘I see them holding my babies.’ I just kept visualizing them holding my babies.”

She ended the podcast episode on a note of hope.

“If someone else can recover, why can’t your family? If someone else can get better and have a miracle, why can’t you?” she said.

“It’s all possible, and it’s better to hold on to the possibility than to have no faith or to focus on the negative. It’s not good for you and it’s not good for them.”

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