Vodafone to set up a Research and Development centre in Greece

Vodafone to set up a Research and Development centre in Greece

Vodafone to set up a Research and Development centre in Greece

The Vodafone group has chosen Greece for one of the Global Research and Development centres, which will focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) and e-health applications, through Vodafone Innovus.

The announcement was made by Serpil Timuray, CEO of the Europe Cluster and Haris Broumidis, President and CEO of Vodafone Greece.

"We operate to improve people's lives through technology and our networks, helping to transition to a digital society of tomorrow that provides equal opportunities for all and respects the planet. We believe in Greece, in its recovery and in the potential of its people. It is a country in which we have been investing consistently for almost three decades," Timuray said.

"Our ambition is to contribute to the creation of the widest range of integrated IoT solutions on the market, because we want to ensure that in the post-pandemic world, everyone has access to critical services that will improve our lives, such as health," he added.

On his part, Broumidis noted that this initiative is of strategic importance. "It is a clear vote of confidence of the Vodafone Group in the prospects of recovery of the Greek economy, with digital technologies as a vehicle despite the widespread crisis. We undertake this project with great joy and pride."

Vodafone Innovus in Greece

Vodafone Innovus is an Innovative end-to-end IoT solutions provider, founded in Athens, Greece in 2004.

Always pushing the boundary of innovation by developing cutting edge solutions, the company is widely recognised by several market intelligence providers, offering IoT customer solutions on a global scale.

From its diverse IoT terminal portfolio with a choice of connectivity (mobile, NB-IoT, Wireless, fixed, satellite) and its own central IoT platform, all the way to rich web & mobile UIs and installation, consulting and integration services, Vodafone Innovus offers end to end solutions for the digital era.

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