'Wave' of love for the ICU nurse who was left without a home

'Wave' of love for the ICU nurse who was left without a home

'Wave' of love for the ICU nurse who was left without a home

A few days ago, nurse Valia Vl posted on social media that she was evicted from her new home, because she works in a coronavirus ICU.

According to Valia, the residents of her apartment building asked her landlord to cancel the agreement as they were afraid that they would be infected with the novel virus.

"Some time ago I was looking to find a home. I found it, I closed it, I gave a guarantee and a day later the owner cancelled it, because the apartment building learned that I work in the ICU and they were afraid that I would infect them. I was surprised. I was upset. I cried. I hung up the phone and left for work with tears in my eyes," she wrote.

Yesterday, the nurse shared the "wave" of love she has received following the ordeal.

"After a spontaneous post, I witnessed undivided love and support that honestly shocked me at first and then filled me with hope and strength. I want to say a big thank you to all of you. I received several messages from our fellow human beings who offered me a house for rent and even free accommodation. In a society that has frustrated me so often in recent years, I have seen a great ray of light," she posted.

"You have given me undivided courage and strength not only to fight in my work but also to continue to fight in my daily life. Never give up. I wish you strength and courage in the struggles of your daily life," she concluded.

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