Germany should not cross its legs in favor of Turkey - All scenarios are open

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At tomorrow's European Council, where Germany is expected to support Turkey, Greece will have allies on a common front against Ankara's aggression and can count on France, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Slovenia, Slovakia and others for support.

The Greek Foreign Ministry has been engaged in a diplomatic marathon with all European countries, including Germany, in the last few days in view of the EU Summit that begins tomorrow and in anticipation of the imposition of sanctions against Turkey.

And this is the first time, as ministry sources underlined to Sputnik Hellas, that the Council can bear fruit in favor of Greece, on one condition...

"Germany should not turn its feet in favor of Turkey. But all the scenarios are open and for the first time we go to the Council with a full quiver. Let's go stronger than ever and with allies," emphasized the Foreign Ministry sources.

Germany. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany.

"Currently, both the minister and his staff, as well as diplomats in all European capitals, are working feverishly to convince Europeans that Turkey is a pan-European problem and not a Greek or Cypriot one", the sources said.

"It is important that Turkey is not discussed in Europe as a 'problem of bilateral relations between Greece and Turkey or Greece-Cyprus', but as a problem in relation to its violations in Libya, Syria, Karabakh, etc", added the sources from the Foreign Ministry.

The unprecedented Turkey-France confrontation and the Turkish boycott of French products, which has alarmed many European governments, have pushed things in that direction, the sources explained.

"In other words, there is a significant shift in public opinion and politics in Europe on the issue of Turkey, first of all due to the divisive attitude of the Turkish President towards his French counterpart," the sources continued.

"For the first time, at tomorrow's Council, apart from France, we will have allies on a common front against Turkey - Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Slovenia, Slovakia, etc.", they explained.

According to Foreign Ministry sources, "the attitude of Southern Europe (ie Italy and Spain) remains 'problematic', as their governments do not want to jeopardize their huge trade benefits from their relations. with Turkey".

However, according to the Foreign Ministry, "it is a matter of prestige for France" and thus sanctions may be imposed in the coming days in Turkey, which will not include "in any case" the arms embargo, but measures against persons for illegal research by Oruç Reis.

The Foreign Ministry has even prepared to deliver a written order for a list of sectoral sanctions to the EU High Representative, Josep Borrell, tomorrow.

The suspension of Turkey's pre-accession to the EU is also considered possible, but will likely be resisted by Germany.

Josep Borrell.
Josep Borrell.

"Even if this is done, that is, to see light sanctions, it will be important," said the same sources.