Greek FM praises Jordan for not ‘blackmailing’ Europe by weaponising migrant crisis

Greek FM praises Jordan for not ‘blackmailing’ Europe by weaponising migrant crisis

Greek FM praises Jordan for not ‘blackmailing’ Europe by weaponising migrant crisis

Greece’s Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias praised Jordan following the trilateral meeting with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus and Jordan yesterday, highlighting the country’s role as a beacon of peace and stability in this turbulent region.

In what was a clear dig at Turkey, Dendias noted that despite Jordan having a record number of refugees on its soil, it hosted them and treated them in a humane way and not use their presence as a way of blackmailing the European Union or other countries.

In the joint press conference Dendias said that the ministers “addressed several regional issues in our long talks. Unfortunately, we are not blessed to live in a problem-free region, rather the opposite," he said.

"We talked about Libya, we talked about Syria, we talked about the Middle East Peace Process, we have talked about the migration issue, we have talked about the Eastern Mediterranean and the Cyprus issue," Dendias added.

"And I have to say, we found many grounds of common understanding and common approach. That is why, among others, we support the institutionalization of this trilateral through the establishment of a permanent Secretariat in Nicosia, and also the expansion," the Greek diplomat continued.

Most interestingly is that Dendias revealed his suggestion that Greece, Cyprus, Jordan and Egypt should collectively visit Iraq together "so we can project an example of understanding between countries."

“I take this opportunity to repeat what is obvious, but I think it needs repetition: our trilateral and our understandings are not against anybody. They are open to all the countries that accept the same values and share the same understanding: peace, stability and International Law. So, this is open," Dendias said.

During his speech Dendias made more explicit references to Turkey noting that unfortunately, “there is one country in the region - we all know it- that is challenging this basic understanding, these basic premises. And this is Turkey.”