Observatory post at Evros to keep illegal immigrants out is being constructed (VIDEO)

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As long as the weather conditions allow, which have not been harsh in the prefecture of Evros, the work of shielding Greece's border with Turkey continues in order to prevent the entry of illegal immigrants along the entire length of the river.

Apart from the new fence in the area of ​​southern Evros, specifically in Feres, the works for the improvement and strengthening of the existing 12 km fence in the area of ​​Kastaneon-Nea Vyssa are also continuing.

At the same time, new elevated observatories began to be built in some parts of the Greek-Turkish border.

Thus, the armed forces and police will have a better picture of suspicious movements by illegal immigrants and traffickers on the Evros river and the Greek-Turkish border in general.

Turkish drones will also be immediately spotted because of the new observatory post being constructed.

Construction of new border post at Evros.
Construction of new border post at Evros.

One of these observatories will be built in the village of Pythio in eastern Didymoteicho municipality.

As seen in the photos and video by Evros News, machinery has begun digging the foundations where the observatory will be based.

It is estimated that its height will exceed 30 to 40 meters and will have an electronic monitoring systems.