Hellenic Post releases commemorative stamps for Christmas 2020

Hellenic Post releases commemorative stamp for Christmas 2020

The Hellenic Post (ELTA) has released its newest stamps for the holidays, which tell a sweet Christmas story.

In a statement, ELTA said, “Christmas night spreads its magic again throughout the world and the journey of the benevolent Santa Claus begins. The dog and the cat are well aware of the secret of the Holy Night and the sweetest story begins. Neither meowing nor barking should be heard. The secret must be kept well guarded. The next morning the happy voices of the children will fill the house, as they discover the bitten cookie on the plate, the half-full glass of milk and the coveted gifts under the decorated tree. Together with the children, two animals will laugh conspiratorially under their mustaches, purring with joy and love.”

Hellenic Post releases commemorative stamp for Christmas 2020

“A magical story that takes us back to the carefree Χριστούγεννα of our childhood…Because, in fact, nothing can change Christmas as their meaning and magic remain the same.”

This year’s festive stamps invites everyone, writers and non-writers, to send their hope, love and optimism that everything will soon be better, to their loved ones.

The stamps are now available at all post offices in Greece or online.

Greece’s tallest natural Christmas tree lighting for 2020 moved online

The city of Trikala officially lit up Greece’s tallest natural Christmas tree for 2020.

The 33-metre-tall natural tree is located at Iroon Polytechniou Square and it features lights, garlands, and a bright star.