Two police officers in Athens awarded the 'Police Cross'

Two Police Officers in Athens awarded the "Police Cross"

Two Police Officers in Athens awarded the "Police Cross"

Two police officers who rescued an elderly woman from a burning building in the northern suburbs of Athens, have been awarded with the 'Police Cross'.

The 'Police Cross' is awarded to officers for their conspicuous and exceptional bravery in the execution of duties, or in protecting or saving life.

Argyris Mourtikas and Spyros Stamoukostas, who received the honorary award, rescued a disabled woman from a burning building.

As described by the trade unionist of the Hellenic Police (ELAS), "they entered the burning house and risking their lives, carried the woman to a safe place outside her house, which then completely burned to the ground.

"The law enforcement attempted without any equipment (firefighting items, etc.) and with self-sacrifice acted as their conscience and their police education dictated! Honouring themselves, their families, as well as the police family," they said.

According to the fire and rescue services, if they had waited for backup, the elderly woman would have been burnt alive.

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