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GCT Podcast

GCT Podcast

Greek City Times is proud to present our GCT Podcast Channel.


Our podcast channel will bring to you stories about Greece, Greeks of the world and all things Greek including history, art, lifestyle, urban culture, current affairs and much more.

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 The first series featured on the GCT Podcast Channel is ‘Greeks of the Globe’ by Andreas Nicola.


The ‘Greeks of the Globe’ podcast takes you around the world to Greeks who have grown up very much the same and yet so differently.  


“Welcome to this new journey across the globe.  Being Greek is much more than Yiayia’s cooking, Sunday church and a crazy extended family,” says Andreas your Greeks of the Globe tour guide.


Having grown up as a Greek Cypriot in Melbourne, Australia, recent Masters of Journalism graduate, Andreas, says he never realised how life may have been so different for others. 

Andreas Nichola Greeks of the Globe podcast
Andreas Nicholas, Greeks of the Globe podcast


In 2017, he went on a trip to Cyprus called NDCP (NEPOMAK Discover Cyprus Programme) which allowed him to learn more about the Cypriot culture, the language and to meet Cypriots from all around the world.


It was then that he realised there were many Greeks who had migrated to countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Czech Republic, America, United Kingdom, Spain and many more places.


Andreas wanted to learn more about what it was like to grow up Greek in a different country.


“Greeks from all around the world may have grown up in a different environment, but one thing they have in common is that they’re Greek!” says Andreas.


“Every country has its issues, and Greeks of the Globe aims to dive into these in every episode”


The Greeks of the Globe series begins with a special two-part podcast about Greek-Americans. Over the course of two episodes, Greeks of the Globe takes a look at four different people from America and what their childhood was like.

ALxia Greeks of the Globe
Alexia, featured on Greeks of the Globe Episode 2, speaks about her struggles in the Greek community as a black Greek American.


In the second episode, we meet a girl named Alexia, who tells us what it is like to grow up as a Black Greek-American. In light of the Black Lives Matter protests, Alexia speaks out on her struggles in the Greek community.


“As the Greeks of the Globe series continues, you will find yourself meeting people from all over the Globe!” says Andreas.

We hope you enjoy the journey.

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