Bosnian Serbs release emotional trailer about the 20,000 children hosted in Greece during Yugoslav War

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An emotional trailer of a longer video that will be released about the nearly 20,000 Serbian children hosted in Greece during the Yugoslav Wars in the 1990s was released by the Representative Office of the Republika Srpska in Greece.

"Nearly 20.000 Serbian children were hosted during the war period in the 90s by Greek families in 28 Cities and over 150 municipalities throughout Greece," the representative office said in their trailer release of Invisible Heroes.

Children who experienced the horrors of war, children of single-parent family, children of orphans in need of help, were all hosted in Greece while NATO destroyed their homeland.

With the collapse of European communism in 1991, Yugoslavia descended into chaos, where in an oddity, many competing states and ideologies actually cooperated with each other to target the Serbs.

In Bosnia, NATO, Saudi Arabia, radical Sunni jihadists, Iran and Hezbollah, all cooperated with each other to drive out the Serbs from their homeland and commit mass atrocities.

A huge outpouring of solidarity came from Greece, with Greek families hosting Serbian children from not only Bosnia, but also Kosovo and the Krajina in today's Croatia, as well as tons of humanitarian aid and several hundred Greek volunteers fighting in Bosnia.

Serbian Children from Bosnia arriving in Greece in 1995.
Children from Bosnia arriving in Greece in 1995.

The end of the Bosnian war in 1995 saw the emergence of Bosnia and Herzegovina as an independent state.

However, it has a weak central government as the country is divided by a Serbian-dominated Republika Srpska entity, and the Bosnian Muslim-Croatian entity of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Republika Srpska maintains a representative office in Greece.